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Gala Information

(2007 results)

We are a non-competive Club, in that we do not compete against other Clubs. 

(The Masters section is different, please see that page for more details)

To give the swimmers a taste of what it is like to compete, in case they wish to progess in that direction, we hold a Club gala every year.  The next one will be in April 2009, as we are changing over from a November date.

Swimmers take part if they wish, if they don't we can usually find them a job to do to help out if they would like to come along to watch! 

Entry is open to ALL swimmers, we do not hold sessions before the gala to find the fastest swimmers and no-one is excluded.

The events include all swimmers, even the young ones in the Teaching Pool.  For instance, we have the 5m event, which some of younger guests can walk if they are not quite swimming yet! 

All events are heat declared winners, meaning that we don't swim heats then finals - there is just the one go at it! 

ALL swimmers earn points for their Bay by taking part and finishing within the rules.

Where events are more popular, we stream the entrants for an exciting race.  This is based on a previous time swum, or if they are new joiners, we slot them in to an appropriate place.  We put them into time order, the ones likely to be faster at the top.  We then allocate all odd numbers competitors to Heat 1, and all even numbered competitors to Heat 2. 

Medals are awarded to the first 3 finishers in EACH Heat, with the overall trophy going to the fastest swimmer out of the both Heats. 

We also put on relays - the kids and spectators LOVE these! 

We currently have the following relays on the programme, but we may add more:

Boys and Girls Bay Relay - These teams are chosen by the Bay Captains, and include swimmers across age groups from 10/under, 11-12, 13-14 and 15+.  It is 4 x 50m freestyle, each winning Bay is presented with the White Salver.  This relay has now been moved to first race of the gala, so that it is easier for the younger swimmers to take part.

Family Race - one member, plus Mum or Dad and siblings - VERY competitive!  For the Tuddenham Shield

Family fun TADPOLE Race - Mum or Dad plus a child member aged 7 or under on 31/12.  Kick the frog float for 50m - great fun - medals for all and a trophy too for the fastest finishers!

Family fun FROG Race - Mum or Dad plus a child member aged 10 or under on 31/12.  Kick the frog float for 50m - again there are medals for all and a trophy for the fastest finishers!

Lifesaving relay - this was such a storming and popular success on it's debut in November 2007, that we have changed the format for next year.  Entry criteria is that both swimmers must have passed their ASA Personal Survival 2 award, after which we start to teach them contact rescues.  There will be a boys relay and a girls relay.  Teams of 2, one rescuer, one casualty.  We'll look at a better time to have this event next time, rather than straight after the 100m freestyle and 4 x 25 individual medley!

++New in April 2009++ - 4 x 50m Freestyle Bay relay - check out the rules!

See the Gala Rules page for more details on the rules for the strokes, starts, turns, etc

Click here for the Relay rules for the Bay, Family, Family FUN x 2 and Lifesaving events

Not sure how it all works?  Click here

Click here to see the full 2006 results, including how many points each swimmer gained for their Bay - and who was the overall winning Bay?

Any questions?  You know what to do!  Contact us


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