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Welcome to the Home Page of the Broadstairs Lifeguard & Swimming Club

Here you will find all the latest club news with links to coming events and other forthcoming events of interest.
Sunday, 1st February 2015

Tickets for the Quiz Night are now on sale.
Open to members, their families & friends only

An updated list of what distance children will be aiming for on
Distance Badge Night 5th February can be seen here

The 2015 Swimathon details have been released. The nearest pool to Thanet this year is Whitstable although the Olympic pool in Stratford is the favourite. Full details here
Four of our members Emily & Matthew Sayer, Hannah & Toby Burbridge have entered and are looking for sponsors.
Emily's Just giving page here
Matthew's Just giving page
Hannah & Toby's Just giving page here

Please support them for this good cause

The Provisional Weekly Program for 2015 can be seen here
Quick link to Application Form here

Re introduced page, copies of the last 3 weekly e-mails sent to all members
link here

We like to share birthday celebrations so here are birthdays coming up in the next few weeks.

2nd February Teagan O'Brien & Alfie Arrenberg
8th February Jefferson Hurrell
10th February Dillon Shelley
11th February Wednesday Gunter
13th February Louis Sotiri
we wish them all a

Dates for your diary
Next committee meeting Tuesday, 24th February  7.30pm the Racing Greyhound, Dumpton

Distance Badge Night 5th February 2015

Water Skills Badge Night 5th March 2015

Quiz Night Friday 6th March at the Lido, Cliftonville

Gala entries open 16th April 2015

Gala entries Close 14th May 2015

Trophies to be returned by 28th May 2015

AGM Tuesday 19th May 2015, 8pm the Racing Greyhound, Dumpton.

Annual Swimming Gala Saturday 13th June at the Hartsdown Leisure Centre

Personal Survival three week course starts 2nd July 2015

Annual Presentation & Disco evening, Friday 10th July at the Pavilion on the Sands, Broadstairs

Do you know all the people running the club and who is teaching your children?
You can check them out here

The weekly program is on the website telling which stroke is being taught each week or if it is a Badge Night or some other activity, there is a shortcut here

Club achievements are all listed on the web site along with rules and regulations etc, check the index down the left hand side of this page.

Winter is with us again and we have been known to cancel swimming if there is too much snow on the ground, luckily not for a couple of years now, but if it does happen we will e-mail you so if in doubt check your e-mails, alternatively you can phone Your Leisure at the Ramsgate pool on 01843 585111